ZOROY Purist Collection Non-Alkalised Natural cacao Powder | Organic Beans | Vegan | Gluten free | High in anti oxidants | Un-sweetened | No colors | No preservatives | 200 gms

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"Purity - Non-alkalised & unsweetened raw cacao powder from Organic Indian Malabar Forest Beans

Benefit - Provides high content of antioxidants and improves the metabolism of glucose. Rich source of magnesium and phenyl ethylamine, which generates a happiness sensation.

Diet Type - Vegan , gluten-free, soy-free . Usage - Use with cakes , brownies, shakes, smoothies & desserts. Contains essential minerals and flavanoids. Healthy baking ingredient owing to its low calorie/ high fibre composition.

Healthier choice than other commercially available cocoa based products like milk chocolates and unsweetened chocolates. Can be used as an ingredient in cosmetics.

Packaging - Packed in a no fuss re sealable zipper pouch , is light weight and travel / office friendly . "